About Us

profile_short Hello, my name is Tonie Konig, I am a Digital Marketing Strategist.! I am on a journey, my own Hero’s Journey, becoming a Fearless Victor!

My company is called Local Internet Marketing, I’m a marketing consultant and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I’m a husband father and son and I love it.

I do business with friends and if we are not friend when we start we soon will  be. I am a firm believer in networking for business and practice it daily.

I’m a word of mouth marketing evangelist, I service local businesses in their local Internet and Word of Mouth Marketing strategies and #BuyLocal campaigns.

I’m a avid Crypto Currency enthusiast and investor. I help local business owners to break free from the constraints of the regular financial burden and experience the life altering freedom of Crypto Currencies.

See below what the #MasterKeyExperience is all about…