Why Buying Local Is Important!

Buying local is vital for strong economically stable communities.

Our economy is suffering! Buying local will help! FACT there are proven benefits to buying local…

Nobody knows when it will get better if at all…everybody knows that the big dogs are only in it for themselves and they don’t contribute much to our local communities. Their flashy cars, 2nd and 3rd beach houses are more important to them.

Recently countless studies have conclusively revealedbuying local that by spending your hard earned money at local business you actively contributes to the communities well being because local businesses have been proven to spend upwards of 68% of their revenue locally as opposed to the 14% of the big retailers and franchised restaurants. Read important buying local statistics in this Time Magazine article, click here.

We need to become community activists in the good sense of the word, supporting local businesses, recycling to preserve our homes for our children and community centric to ensure equality and prosperity for all.

A recent in depth study of 10 communities in the USA showed why shopping local is important: Averaged across the 10 communities in the retail studies, spending at indie retailers generates 3.7 times more direct local economic benefit than spending at chains.

The reality is if we want our children to have a future in our country, as a community we are going to have to start thinking more about how we can contribute to the local economy and governance in order to ensure that we have enough of an infrastructure to provide jobs and business opportunities without having to look at the government and outside of the community.

Everybody knows they trust recommendations from family and friends, statistics prove this to be true, so it stands to reason that a locally focused recommendation campaign fueled through the community has tremendous value.

Plus on the flip side as a community we should not accept poor service and exploitation from local businesses because cultivating an environment of mutual trust will benefit everyone involved.

Writing about this I fondly recall scenes from favorite movies like “Under a Tuscan Sun” and novels I read about the community based cultures like the Italians and I see an enticing picture where I go down to the piazza to buy my fresh produce for tonight’s meal on which I feast with my family and friends enjoying lots of laughter and passion.

Living in a community should be fun and fulfilling!

It’s up to you and me to make it so!!

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by Lori Crawford on Business Networking

This is a great article. Everyone should shop local when they can. When local businesses thrive the community thrives!

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