Code of Conduct

tvbn_codeAll BNCT members agrees to the following Code of Conduct.

As business owners we realise the importance of community support in our businesses and we also realise the vital importance of avoiding loss of profit through non payment and pilfering, so it’s in everybody’s interest that we work together to improve and serve.

BNCT Business Networking Definition: There is an old saying that says it is more important to give than to receive. It is through giving with a grateful heart and without expecting reciprocity, in service of our fellow members that we will open the floodgates to our own affluence. It is an age old truth, put it to the test and see what comes your way…

We realise that the best compliment a customer can give us is to talk about our business. IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY AND JOB TO ENSURE THAT THESE MENTIONS ARE GOOD AND POSITIVE!

Code of Conduct:

  1. I realise that the 1st principle of Word of Mouth Marketing is EXCELLENCE in everything I do in my business, I undertake to live up to that in all areas of my business.
  2. I promise to deliver the best customer service possible at all times.
  3. I promise to charge reasonable prices at all times.
  4. I promise to promote my fellow local business owners in my shop.
  5. I promise to protect my fellow business owners from unscrupulous customer through making them aware of bad payers and con artists.