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local internet marketingLocal Internet Marketing is a marketing agency with a laser focus on direct response marketing and recommendation marketing! Using a combination of search engine marketing and word of mouth strategies we build lead generating machines.

We focus on local SEO, that leads directly to lead generation in the community and in the building of a database of raving fans through word of mouth marketing and loyalty programs.

Marketing campaigns for local businesses is more specialised and focused to a 15 km radius around your business to ensure maximum exposure to your actual market. More info

It is an alarming fact that a website without targeted SEO and a Social Media presence is as good as a flyer in the top drawer of your desk, wasted potential, useless! Everybody knows web design companies are a dime a dozen these day but good SEO companies are worth their weight in gold.

Our local internet marketing service remedies that because we live and buy local we know how to market local. For the best local results get a local marketing company…

Business Info:Buy Local
Name: Tonie Konig
Business Name: Local Internet Marketing
Type of Business: Marketing Consultant
Phone Nr: 0812712069
Email: tonie@localinternetmarketing.co.za
Website: http://localinternetmarketing.co.za
Address: Table View, 7441
Years In Business: 7

Business Description:
We do cost effective direct response marketing campaigns for local businesses. Focussing on getting word of mouth going and fostering customer loyalty and recommendations.

Everybody knows happy customers come back so once you have a customer it is vital that you do everything in your power to keep them.

It is all of our duties to improve the communities we live in and one of the most effective ways to do this is through buying local and making an effort to keep our money in the community so that it mostly benefits our community and as such uplifts the community.

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