My Master Key Mastermind Alliance Begins!

Week 0 – Getting Ready for the Master Key Mastermind Alliance

master key mastermind My journey begins, I have completed the required step for the pay-it-forward scholarship and am now awaiting approval by MarkJ and his team.

I have prepared for the time and effort it’s going to take and knows that by putting in the effort the results will follow.

I’m very excited about the prospects of this life altering journey and am positive that the result will be mind blowing, breaking old destructive cycles/habit and open up a whole new world of joy and possibility with the help of the mastermind principle.

We so often get totally stuck in our rut, a sticky goo of negativity keeps us submerged in distress and unless we make a concerted effort to become unstuck we stand a good chance of drowning in the goo.

What I’ve learned so far from MarkJ’s coaching and bestseller Standing Tall is that all we have is NOW and it is what we do with our NOW that makes the difference in our and others lives.

Everything is already within us, what we need to do is learn how to use our mind and our thoughts to our benefit by controlling our minds our environment and limiting believes through only thinking positive thoughts and if we do stumble to replace that negative thought with a beautiful positive thought.

Just this one thing makes life so much more fun!

2 thoughts on “My Master Key Mastermind Alliance Begins!”

  1. Sound like you are ready for more..
    Yeah it is so easy to get in the negativity.. so let’s change that and get positivity to reflect on everything around us.
    Looking forward to be following your journey.

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