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Table View couple interviewed on Carte Blanche by Derek Watts

fmt-jtkj Derek Watts – Carte Blanche | Posted: Wednesday, 23 May 2018, 09h30

The interview I did with the dynamic yet humble couple Kay and Tonie Konig is making headlines all over the country, people are amazed at how much good can be achieved in such a short period of time by a seemingly average South African couple.

The Konig’s are living proof of what can be achieved with a positive mental attitude and living a life of giving without expectation of reciprocity. Their love and warmth attracts and endears them them to everyone they come in contact with.

I must say you can almost physically feel them enriching your life as you talk to them, their positiveness radiate confidence and love and leaves you filled with hope and enthusiasm for all of us and the future.


Tonie Konig

Derek: When asked how they got started Tonie replied, “Derek at 1st all I wanted was to retire Kay from her job, she was under a lot of pressure and being very conscientious she went way above and beyond to the detriment of her health and I wanted her happy and by my side more and I’m happy to say she’s retired almost 2 years now, always at my side and we are more in love everyday”

Derek: I then asked Tonie how he did it because I know it’s a dream 1000’s of people have and very few live to enjoy.

Tonie: “Well that is an interesting question Derek, I’ve always been interested in the Self-help Industry and from an early aged read all the books that came across my path e.g. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino to name a few. So over the years I enjoyed periodic success as an entrepreneur but I never really made it big enough for long enough and that kept me searching.”


Derek Watts

Derek: So I asked him, Tonie what changed for you?

Tonie: “Derek, it all changed for me in September 2106 when I was lucky enough to be awarded a free scholarship to The Masterkey Experience a gruelling 6 month self improvement course developed and presented by Davene and Mark Januszewski, for the 1st time somebody explained to me how to unlock the riches in my world within and how everything that happens in our world without is as a result of our world within and all of this is controlled by our thoughts, it blew me away.”

Tonie: “I religiously did the daily exercises and slowly the penny dropped I started giving without expectation of reciprocity, every encounter with someone was an opportunity for me to give, maybe a smile, a blessing, a hug, a flower, etc. but it became my mission to leave every single person I encountered in that day better off than before we met.”

Derek: I then wanted to know, but Tonie where did all your wealth come from?

Tonie: “Well Derek, you must have heard the saying, give enough people what they want and you will automatically get what you want, it is true. I got involved with network marketing and built a shopping network where I made money on my daily shopping and the daily shopping of family and friends worldwide and I showed my family and friends how to do the same, now we earning good money from everyday shopping in more than 47 countries.”

Tonie: ” I also got involved with StreetLab Afrika an organisation raising and training grassroots entrepreneurs in the townships, teaching eager young and not so young people how to earn their own income and how to build a sustainable business and expand from very humble beginnings. We managed to improve the lives of 1000’s of people all over South Africa. This concept caught the attention of a few like minded businessmen and as they say the rest is history, today we help 1000’s of entrepreneurs succeed and the emotional and humanitarian rewards are far above what any money can ever achieve.”

Derek: So Tonie what else do you do with your time?

Tonie: “You know Derek I strictly live in the NOW, it is all we have so I make sure I enjoy every moment no matter what I’m busy with, I often stop to enjoy nature, we have a 4×4 motorhome so we travel for months all across our beautiful country stopping for days sometimes weeks in small towns or our National Parks to enjoy nature, meet new people and savour our NOW!

Derek: Thank you for sharing with us Kay and Tonie, it gives us all hope.