Week 1 – MasterKeyExperience – Cause and Effect


The time has finally arrived, week 1’s video and course material is online and I have started with my 1st review. I AM EXCITED but I come armed with more questions than answers, soul searching and yearning for the power to break old self-destructive patterns.

I’m here with a BIG WHY? painted on my forehead, full of faith that old moulds and patterns will be the casualties of this quest.

I get the “as a man thinketh so is he” philosophy and that we are the sum total of our cumulative thoughts to this point, fact what I decide in the next few seconds will have some kind of impact on me in the future.

My why is, why if I know this am I here again? 

I read “Think and Grow Rich” and “The Greatest Salesman” for the 1st time 30 years ago, I’ve set my goals and have achieved some success and some spectacular failures, I’ve had great fun but also experienced the deep despair and wounds of a painful divorce with a major contributor being my serial entrepreneur rollercoaster.

Somehow my income has always had a mysterious ceiling, people around me seemed to have more faith in me than I had in myself, they were happy to invest just to go down in flames when my financial ceiling kicked in, my BIG WHY??

After reading the 1st chapter of The Master Key it is interesting to explore the concept of cause and effect, cause being our inner being and thoughts with effect being the outer results and our programming to fix the effect, the outer instead of looking inward and healing the cause which caused the effect in the 1st instance, this deserves deeper digging.

I find the concept of all we have is NOW liberating and that it’s what we do with NOW that determines our future so all I have to look after is NOW and the rest will follow, worth exploring….

The HABIT concept from the 1st scroll of “The Greatest Salesman” hit me like a ton of bricks today, I certainly did succumb to my bad habits 30 years ago when I read this enlightening guide because I certainly did not spend the time on the scrolls as instructed, it will be different this time.


Well most of week 1 done and dusted, what did I learn? What stood out for me?

First as I mentioned earlier I have read “Think and Grow Rich” and “The Greatest Salesman” before WHAT I NOW REALISE is I did not even skim a 10th of the surface of these incredible guides to a fulfilled life.

My biggest take-away from the 1st Master Key is:

The world within is the practical world in which men and women of power generate, courage, hope, enthusiasm, confidence, trust and faith, by which they are given the fine intelligence to see the vision and the practical skill to make the vision real.

I am so amped for this journey, I have awoken, my eyes and my mind is open and the possibilities ahead are blinding in their glory….

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6 thoughts on “Week 1 – MasterKeyExperience – Cause and Effect”

  1. Amazing blog Tonie!
    Yeah our mind can question us, and we can forget what we had planned to do.
    So great to hear that you are ready to look for answers and do the work that it will take.
    This will take you fare.
    Looking forward to be following your journey!
    Remember to relax and enjoy it!

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