Week 12 – #MasterKeyExperience – Love!

” I start this day with love in my heart” and how shall I address all whom I meet in silence and to myself I will say to them “I LOVE YOU” and their hearts will respond…..(source The Greatest Salesman in the World)

Love is such a powerful tool in us, it heals us, it encourages us, it protects us and it is how we manifest our thoughts and desires into reality.

It is amazing how with this journey inwards religion and The Bible makes so much more sense.

Previously sitting in a pew listening to some preacher spewing out his take on The Bible and God I often wondered about the relevance of it all in today’s world.

BUT now I realise that it is more relevant NOW than it has ever been before, I now know and believe that “GOD IS LOVE” and that “GOD LIVES IN ME” and that I have a direct line to GOD through my thoughts focused on my inner world.

Being grateful and giving without reciprocity is no longer a chore it is a pleasure, seeing happiness and joy in others and in the world around me is a blessing and being the cause of the joy and blessing has become what it is all about….

In Haanel this week he says “And so we find that the law of love is the creative force behind every manifestation not only of atoms, but of worlds, of the Universe, of everything, of which the imagination can form a conception.”

“As a man thinketh so is he” wow and wow again, all out of The Bible, “ask and ye shall receive”, “it is not I but, God within me” and, and….

This enlightenment is so humbling, having this knowledge unlock the divine being within me, the divine wanting to do only good, think only good, do only good and fear no more because God is Love and so am I!

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