Week 13 – #MasterKeyExperience – The Father and I

This truth from The Bible has changed my world.

This journey inwards has made God our Creator more real to me than any religious explanation I have ever heard.

I have always had this feeling that my relationship with God was more relevant than any 3rd party interpretation and now I know it – THE FATHER AND I ARE ONE….

We get so dragged down by our past, pain others inflicted on us that somehow ended up defining us and the we started wallowing in it as an excuse why not, while in the meantime cementing the negative in us – NO MORE!

Because The Father and I are One and I am part of the Creator in all the glory and splendour that surrounds me everyday, it is time to celebrate this oneness, rise above the negative and give, dream, manifest, achieve great things…

We all know God is Love!

So for us to live in this love, to receive it is unconditional we must just accept and practice it and the best way to do this is to give LOVE, everybody is entitled to love and withholding as punishment hurts you as much as it hurts the other person.

God is love, God is the Father and the Father and I are one, so I am love…..

What a liberating feeling!

I start this day with love in my heart and in very encounter I give love, giving life fulfills my life like nothing else ever has and ever will because when we give love and get love we are whole and nothing material can add to this bliss.

Just imagine the impact you and I can have on our world by practicing giving love first and then go about solving and fixing our problems in peace and harmony.

The Father and I are ONE!


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