Week 14 – #MasterKeyExperience – Harmony!

Brain explosion! Without harmony, chaos….

Everything needs harmony, where there is harmony we prosper, where there is no harmony we fight and starve

From the tiniest electron in this universe to the most complex collection of electrons you can find – human beings – harmony is absolutely necessary for a positive results to manifest.

It’s amazing to realise that our thoughts are our only reality and that these thoughts when in harmony with the creator and our world within and out can manifest what ever we desire…

When we are foolish and tuned into our outer world we disregard these fundamental truths because it’s seems easier to except misery than the mental effort it takes to focus on the positive rather than the negative.

We like to ridicule the idea of the power of though but until our eyes are opened to the fact that our current situation whether good or bad is the direct result of what our thoughts has been up to that point.

In plain english if your life sucks it’s your own fault and it is in your power to change it for the better by simply changing the quality of your thinking, simple yet very hard mental work but totally worth it, if you dare.

From The Masterkey by Haanel this week – “Thought is the only reality, conditions are but the outward manifestation, as the thought changes, all outward manifestations must change in order to be in harmony with their creator, which is thought.”

As a man thinketh so is he!

It is such fun to seek harmony in all our thoughts, to consciously stop all negative thoughts to enter and impact our inner world, it’s not easy and as we all like to point our with this old saying “if it is was easy everyone would do it”

BUT it is possibly the MOST important thing you can do with your life and for the lives of your loved ones.

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