Week 15 – #MasterKeyExperience – I Am Happy!

Today I realised I’m exceedingly HAPPY!

I have a loving wife, my best friend and on numerous occasion recently I stopped for a moment and reflected on the blatant fact that I cannot be any happier than I was in that moment, no amount of money or possessions could enhance that happiness, life is pure bliss.

I admit I have challenges and irritations BUT it no longer rules my life or paralyzes me with fear and I’m also not delaying my happiness till one day when I, I am happy in the NOW and a greater gift no one can get.

Sure it takes work and discipline to be in charge of your thoughts and your happiness, it takes mental effort to decide how you are going to react to any given situation and stimuli BUT that is just the fact YOU HAVE THE POWER to decide!

The promise this new year holds because of the fact that I am not looking externally for solutions but internally, connecting with our Father and Creator is inspiring me with such peace and empowers me to spread the love, to live as a light to the world, to focus on making other peoples lives better and solve their problems because it is in giving and loving that I receive my fulfillment.

“I know my ideal. It manifests because it is good for me, takes no one else’s good, is founded in service to others and represents the Creator with respect.”

I am grateful everyday for the day and the opportunity to be of service and brighten someone’s day…

I am also grateful for the the stark reality that “knowledge does not apply itself” because I now know what I need to do to make my dreams come true, I need to help other’s realise their dreams!

I write this blog with love in my heart! and it is my sincere wish that these words brighten your day and that in someway I helped you…

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