Week 17 – #MasterKeyExperience – Reluctant Hero

So week 17 and 17a has been rather interesting.

Vacillating between moments of euphoric kindness to moments of raw anger I discovered why and it blew me away!

I’m all in creating my new reality, feeding my world within so that the results in my world without will change.

I gave myself permission to change, permission to take charge of my thoughts and to manifest the world of my dreams but my old self, my reluctant hero started defaulting to all kinds of old blueprint bad habits.

This annoyed me to no avail or shall I say the old me because the new me has permission to change to make my good better and my better best.

Permission to be kind and to put other people’s feeling and rights ahead of my own.

Permission to give without expectation of reciprocity, to give for the sheer exhilaration of the freedom it unleashes realising that your identity is no longer rooted in replaceable stuff but in the abundance of irreplaceable health, love and affluence.

Living a live where I give affluence instead of want affluence is making my life immeasurably rich.

So why the anger?

This was very interesting to learn, the anger is part of the grieving process when somebody dies.

The anger is my old self kicking against the birth of my new magnificent self, the person looking to the world within to create a glorious reality, the person realising that real living is a life lived in service a life lived in spreading kindness, love and affluence.

A life lived as the channel our Creator can use to bless the world and to create marvelous thing for us all.

So yes, it is not easy, it requires work BUT there is really nothing else in the world anyone can do to ensure a more fulfilling and happy life…

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2 thoughts on “Week 17 – #MasterKeyExperience – Reluctant Hero”

  1. You are brilliant!
    Anger is indeed a step in the grieving process.
    I was wondering what was going on with me too.
    Thank you my new friend from South Africa for the great post!
    Cherylan from California, USA

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