Week 2 – MasterKeyExperience – The Watchman at the Gate.

The incredible journey continues…

Discovering the power of thought and thought being the starting point of it all and how we are actually in control of our thoughts good or bad is liberating.

As we now move to the mind blowing wonder of the conscious and sub-conscious mind and our role in controlling our thoughts resulting in our current circumstances is illuminating.


Haanel about the conscious mind – It is often true that conditions of fear, worry, poverty, disease, inharmony, and evils of all kinds dominate us by reason of false suggestion accepted by the unguarded subconscious mind. All this the trained conscious mind can entirely prevent by it’s vigilant protective action. It may properly be called “the watchman at the gate” of the great subconscious mind.

It is enlightening to think that I can control my outer world through consciously protecting my inner world by using my conscious mind as a guard as to what information gets relayed to my subconscious minds and that whatever I ask of my subconscious mind it will deliver.

It is so sad that most people are happy to wallow in their misery and that the little effort it takes to manifest the dream life everyone wants only some are prepared to work for, it’s easier to complain than to rise above.

Another great moment was seeing John Wooden’s “The Pyramid of Success” a honest to goodness proven success formula with Industriousness and Enthusiasm highlighted.

This touched on a pet peeve of mine, most people’s adversity to industriousness, it is a visible fact that people will rather wallow in self-pity and squalor rather making the little effort it takes to build their dream lives because it takes some work.

It is such a pity because this attitude of wanting everything for nothing is ruining many peoples opportunity to have everything they ever wanted.

Why is it that we marvel at successful people and how they got so lucky all the time overlooking the industriousness of these successes?

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1 thought on “Week 2 – MasterKeyExperience – The Watchman at the Gate.”

  1. Most people would rather watch TV and allow their watchman to take the night off, then to actually read and improve their ability to think …. I know I used to be one of them!

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