Week 3 – MasterKeyExperience – Thought The Cause

think-differentlyGreatness comes from within.

Like with all things that goes wrong in our lives we tend to look in the wrong places for it’s remedy, instead we should look inwards and make the man inside right because then the world outside will be right.

Quoted from The Master Key by Haanel – Whereas in the beginning of each function of life and each action is the result of conscious thought, the habitual action becomes automatic and the thought that control them passes into the realm of the subconscious, yet it is just as intelligent as before. It is necessary that it become automatic, or subconscious, in order that the sub-conscious mind may attend to other things. The new actions, will however, in their turn, become habitual, then automatic, then subconscious in order that the mind may again may be freed from this detail and advance to still other activities.

Practice make perfect. It does not happen by itself, we need good habits to destroy our bad habits in order for our world to be right.

The discovery of the 1 thing that God gave us all, the 1 thing that makes us all human and equal is profound and what is that 1 thing – THOUGHT.

We all have that in common, there are 19 verses in the Bible talking about what we think and controlling out thoughts with the most famous probably being “As a man thinketh so is he”

I found that the wisdom in Wooden’s Pyramid of Success illuminating yet it’s basic everyday actions we simply just don’t do. There seems to be such a division between what people want in life and what they are prepared to put in to get it.

I love the cornerstones of the Wooden Pyramid – INDUSTRIOUSNESS and ENTHUSIASM, it is so true because there is no getting without doing and no doing it properly without being enthusiastic about what you do, it profound yet so simple. Below a great interview with John Wooden at Ted Talks.

Results thus far – I am thrilled , I did my OATS last week, scheduled time with my family and team, worked with my team on their OATS and it all came effortlessly. I’m emphasising being industrious with my team and the formation of good habits because quite frankly that is the only way we are going to see results, it’s very motivating.

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12 thoughts on “Week 3 – MasterKeyExperience – Thought The Cause”

  1. Hi Tonie – great website and blogs. I am very new to this although I have to say I have probably been doing what you do “Word of Mouth Marketing!” for over 40 years!! I am reading your blog as part of the MKMMA requirements and enjoying seeing what others are writing – we are all going through the same mindset and changes. Talk soon – cheers, Janet

  2. “…look inwards and make the man inside right because then the world outside will be right.” Love this Tonie!

    I find it so empowering that we have the power to change our world and the world around us, simply by changing our thoughts! “

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