Week 4 – MasterKeyExperience – The Penny Drops

It is astounding how you can read a sentence over and over and not understand or get it, then one day quite unexpectedly the penny drops and a whole new world of possibility opens up to you.

The fact that nothing is denied us in the “world within” all we have to do is ask for it and expect it and persist. Failure our choice and ONLY if we give up!


This paragraph in the Master Key’s did just that to me, I read it numerous times over the past week and then all of a sudden the magnitude of it hit me right between the eyes and I could see the genius in it and experience with profound clarity what I need to do.

Persist in this practice until you come to a realisation of the fact that there can be no failure in the accomplishment of any proper object in life if you but understand your power and persist in your object, because the mind-forces are ever ready to lend themselves to a purposeful will, in the effort to crystalise thought and desire into actions, events and conditions.

When you realise this, you will have found a source of power which will enable you to take care of ANY situation in life which may develop- The Master Key, Haanel

Quitting has become an acceptable and even admired action in our society, you so often hear someone proudly stating that they quit, not realising the damage quitting does to their “world within” laying down pathways in your subconscious mind that makes you quitting prone.

The second FACT that really hit home is that just like with any Olympian athlete or genius musician practice is required and that we don’t need unnatural talent or ability first, NO all we need to do is set our mind to it, ask and practice and our intention will be realised  for us by God.

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