Week 5 – MasterKeyExperience – The Awakening

The awakening! It must be human nature that we kick against instruction and default to our old know it better mindset, that is until we wake up and realise that this is getting real, the awakening and growth is happening.

For some of us emotion and feelings is four letter word and to get us to show emotion is much like tapping water from a rock BUT it happens if you let it emotions and feelings are there and enriches your life your NOW if you let it.


So why am I talking about this?

Well all credit to my guide Charlotte for keeping at me about putting feeling and emotion into my Definite Major Purpose to make it more realistic to my “subby”.

I was starting to kick against yet another re-write and questioned the feedback I was getting but she patiently persisted and explained, yet again, thanks Charlotte.

So there I was yet again, reading and thinking on my DMP when I changed a couple of words, did a bit of soul searching, added some emotion, opened my dictionary to find positive synonyms for what I was trying to say, when it happened….

The tears welled up, the emotion came rolling out, I was feeling what I was writing and manifesting for my life in my DMP, what and amazing experience, the peace of mind and certainty that resulted, priceless.

For years I paid lip service to goal setting, a couple of times my goals even came true but on the whole it was not such a successful exercise, I now know why, I now know how to fix it and I now know it’s happening!

Last week sit was really liberating, expelling all those bad thoughts and feelings out of my subconscious was like giving my mind a holiday, I felt refreshed and enthused after every sit, lighter, happier.

My NOW is great, I am happy, industrious and enthused in every moment and intention is queuing up to manifest.

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