Week 6 – MasterKeyExperience – The Magnifying Glass

magnifying-glass-450690_1280As Mark and Mr. Miyagi Say “Focus Daniel San.”

Not so easy in our crazy world, especially when you don’t know what you should be focussing on or where to point your focus….

As I’m writing this blog, sitting at my desk in my home office, I’m surrounded by a desktop PC, a laptop, a landline telephone, and 2 mobile phones and all the devices are connected to the Internet for instant e-mails and Instant Messaging, why on earth does one person need to be this connected.

So it’s interesting to read in this weeks Master Keys that financiers and other successful business people more and more, extract themselves from the madness, to become still and connect, sit as we know it.

If you suffer a little from OCD like many of us do, especially Social Media OCD then you almost panic at the thought of sitting completely still for 15 minutes in one go, not even scratching and itch which for some reason ALWAYS happen, lol…

The other amazing fact that we often discard is the fact that practice is needed, if you don’t have it you can acquire the skill and habit of concentration through practice.

Much like “Daniel San” first had to sand the floor and paint the fence before he could focus on what he has learned and block punches and kick like a karate master.

So it’s very reassuring to realise how every single action and every little bit of practice I’ve been doing with my reading and sitting is preparing me for the focus and concentration required to manifest my definite major purpose in life, my intention.

Almost without realising it the focus, the object to focus on and the practice is revealing itself, and now with the storyboard and the 8 printouts of the 4 shapes all over my house I cannot turn myself without being reminded of my purpose and it automatically focusses me.

Wow, life is fantastic and starting each day with love and focussing on radiating love wherever I go is already making me the riches man in the room!

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6 thoughts on “Week 6 – MasterKeyExperience – The Magnifying Glass”

  1. Way to go Tonie!
    Yeah it is funny, when you are looking you can’t see.. like what should you focus on.. but then bam and it is there, and you just do it.. nice..
    And we are only in week 6, amazing.
    I’m looking forward to be following your blog.

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