Week 7 – MasterKeyExperience – 7 Day Mental Diet

WOW! Incredible how embedded our bad habits are… act before thinking, swear at the driver in front of you without blinking, then the remorse oops I did it again!

10-day-mental-diet-challenge Keeping your temper in check especially with a fiery Latin temperament is a REAL challenge.

So 3 days into my 7 day mental diet and I just started over on day 1, upside I did not re-start multiple times in one day like I had to on day 1 and 2.

Also having read Emmet Fox’s book The Seven Day Mental Diet certainly gave me a new perspective, couple this with no opinions what so ever and I’m certainly appearing to be a lot more relax and even tempered human being.

So yes, I’m definitely up for the challenge and I’m looking forward to my 2nd day on the diet because I’m definitely more aware of my response to outside stimuli and since I have a guard in front of my active conscious protecting my sub-conscious from the negative world outside and mentally in my sit emptying my sub-conscious of all negative thought every day, the plan is coming together.

It is so true, we will spend hours planning a trip we are going take or a “something” new we want to buy BUT nothing, nada on how to make better use of the incredible tool we all have our brains.

Just the simple realisation of NOW is all we have and a conscious decision to be happy NOW is making life so much more fun, being positive now in the face of everything that is happening around the world and the Internet reporting it at ever increasing speed is making a massive difference to my human condition. I AM HAPPY!

And what is making me even more happy is my mental diet helping me to be a nicer person and The Greatest Salesman reminding me 3 times a day that I woke up with LOVE in my heart and that I will achieve immeasurably more through love than otherwise.

It is so gratifying to be walking around transmuting love and blessings on everyone around us everyday, it really opens up our minds to so many fantastic people out there, just wanting to be accepted and appreciated.

It really makes my day to make somebody else’s day! Life is good, right now…

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3 thoughts on “Week 7 – MasterKeyExperience – 7 Day Mental Diet”

  1. Great job..
    Yeah it is not just something that you easily do.. being positive..
    and being the observer really make you realize that.. so great job 🙂
    And great job holding you onto that we only have NOW and NOW you are happy 🙂

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