Week 8 – MasterKeyExperience – Stop It!

What an amazing week!

I’m travelling for work this week, my wife Kay, is travelling with me and we are fitting in a road trip through the Karoo and very small town South Africa, I love my country and it’s people but things are tough on the ground.

So it has been a pleasant challenge to stay on my mental diet this week because one of our stops was my home town where I went to school and all the memories of the challenges that growing up brings, so the Stop It video below came in very handy, I love it and have been using Stop It ever since on myself and those around me, a fun way for all of us to stay positive, it’s really making for a fun trip.

It makes this weeks Master Key so much more relevant because we have the power to freely choose and respond to our environment and nurturing the split second habit has become a passion for me.

Not to give in to negativity and substituting bad thoughts with pleasant, positive thoughts takes practice and boy do I have to practice….

So I found that stepping out into the world determined to practice my free will every second of the day living an amazing positive life of love and you know life is returning just that, my time meeting up with my family and friends has become fulfilling and special, it’s just been the best thing I could do with my NOW!

And throwing in a playful STOP IT when the conversation from their side became a litte negative and self destructive some how inserted a playful moment that stopped all of us, made us think and turned the conversation and fun togetherness into treasured time together.

So because we were on other people’s territory most of the time sticking to my full Master Key routine everyday is a juggle, however I decided to record all the required readings with music before I left and it has been a life saver, I manage to listen to all the recordings frequently upon waking up, driving between towns and as I drift off to sleep at night getting a pleasant earful of positive and growth frequently during the day.

On the business side I have had some incredible opportunities presenting and progressing in the last couple of weeks that makes me soooo excited to be here right now, this is certainly the most exciting and invigorating journey I have ever embarked on in my life.

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