Week 9 – MasterKeyExperience – Hard Work!

In Haanels’s, The Master Key System he states that mental labour is the hardest form of labour there is, he was not joking.brain_power

It is hard work to constantly stay positive and guard what information you allow into your mind and what thoughts you produce and choose to focus on.

Being positive and having a clear vision of where you are going to does by no means remove the work that is necessary to achieve your goals, in fact I’m more active now than before I started but that is good.

I find that life is more fun, I’m enjoying the work it takes to make things happen, it is work to think right and attracted your dreams and goals to you.

Starting my day with love in my heart and mentally telling all whom I meet with that I love them is having a marked impact on the response I’m getting from people.

People are starting to want to see me and I enjoy seeing people so much more and the results and business is starting to happen as a by product.

In the last 2 months 2 major business opportunities started moving very favourably and I’m so excited, because the possibilities are infinite. For me I have to constantly work on my patience being a red personality I so love to be in control and in the past if things did not happen fast enough I would move on.

So this brought me to another piece of wisdom from The Master Key System, warning us to be patient and not like the child who planted a seed just to destroy the plant because of interfering with it all the time to see if something is happening.

Today I rest in the knowledge that what you sow you will reap, a seed planted will germinate because that is what it does, provided it’s given to proper treatment and time to flourish.

Today I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, happy and patient! 

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3 thoughts on “Week 9 – MasterKeyExperience – Hard Work!”

  1. Hi Tonie!
    That is so amazing.. great blog.
    A lot has certainly happened here.. wow!
    I’m so happy for you that things are moving in the right directions.. and that you have learned a lot about yourself.
    Love to see what will happen over the next many weeks.

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