Word of Mouth Marketing Makes More Money!

Word of mouth marketing is the most profitable marketing you can do.

Nothing, I mean nothing, makes you more money.

word of mouth marketingAdd these up:

  • Reduced customer acquisition costs.
  • Word of mouth customers are free.
  • Every one you get lowers your average cost of new business.
  • Free advertising.
  • Word of mouth promotion doesn’t cost a thing.
  • Better results from traditional advertising.
  • Word of mouth supports your ads’messages and spreads them around.
  • More productive salespeople.
  • Every salesperson performs better when positive word of mouth is helping them close more deals.
  • More sales leads.
  • Free prospects come in every day from personal referrals.
  • Reduced customer service costs.
  • As you answer more questions as part of the public conversation, fewer people need to call.
  • Stronger brand.
  • Permanent, public recommendations add up to a healthy, positive reputation.

The net impact: more business, higher return on investment, and lower costs.

Word of mouth marketing does more than make money on new sales.

It makes all of your sales and marketing more effective.

This leads to another important conclusion: Satisfied customers who will spread word of mouth are the most powerful assets you have.

So do the following three things for your customers:

  • Protect them.
  • Treat them with respect.
  • Listen to them.

You will do better marketing and be a better marketer because of it.

Learn this and you will survive and thrive.

Just think about it, when you need to see a dentist, did you ask a friend to recommend someone? The last time you bought a new car, did you research the specs and what other owners have to say?

If you like most of us, you did, everybody knows we put more faith in the recommendation of someone we trust than we do in that of someone who has a vested interest in selling us something, why not put that to work for you, you will not get more effective marketing than that.

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