10 Word of Mouth Strategies You Can Start Today!

Implement Simple Word of Mouth Strategies Like This!

Word of mouth strategies, what is that?

All of us have always been doing word of mouth marketing we might just not have called it that…

Most business people find marketing either daunting or a necessary evil.

As chief cook and bottle washer there are 1000’s of other more pressing problems that he/she has to solve everyday to keep the ship from sinking, so sadly often, time to engage in effective marketing and learn about the most successful strategies they don’t have. 

word of mouth strategiesBut, it does not have to be that way!

The last couple of years resounding evidence has been documented proving that Word of Mouth Marketing is not only the most effective strategy a local business can implement it often is the most cost effective as well.

Customer loyalty is an area of your business that you have to develop and nurture because not only does loyal customers spend more money at your business but they also talk about your business more often, exactly what you want, read more. 

People love to talk about their experiences and stuff and all of us talk to friends and family we trust about our good and bad experiences, period.

Gone are the days where you could sell someone something, these days customers buy, all the business owner can do is make it as easy as possible for the customer to buy!

This list of 10 Word of Mouth strategies can be easily implemented and does not have to cost an arm or a leg!

These points may seem basic but don’t let marketing people confuse you with fancy marketing jargon that does not work anymore, word of mouth trumps ALL other forms of marketing and even if an advert hits home with Joe Soap he will still check in his circle if anyone can shed some light on the wisdom of his planned purchase! FACT!!

The 10 strategies are:

  1. Special Sales
  2. Loyalty Programs, Loyalty Cards
  3. Wacky Promotions
  4. Sponsoring a Local Sports Team
  5. Newsletters
  6. Free Samples
  7. Grassroots Political Outreach
  8. Blogs
  9. Partnering with Community Groups
  10. Referral Program

In summary word of mouth is a collective word for scores of different word of mouth strategies, local business can use to get the buzz out about them. Many of these strategies are not new and some are very familiar to us. 

To find out how we  can help your business strengthen it’s word of mouth pop me an e-mail from here… I can also advise on a very powerful white label loyalty program for local businesses.

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